Construction of power supply substation in cooperation with Skanska AB.


      Transformer substations and overall the science of energetics is the one, that makes our life much comfortable. One thing’s for sure our modern life without electricity couldn’t be possible.

In collaboration with one of the biggest construction companies Skanska, our employees from Norhida in the Midskog region of Sweden were involved in the construction of a power supply substation.

       One of the hydro-electro stations of Sweden is located in Midskog. In addition, renovation work is currently underway on the so-called oldest 400kw line, which connects Storfinnforsen and Middoghog for 62 km. As the plan for the future is to build several wind turbines, power supply substations are the ones that are and will be required in this area.

The voltage in the substation is converted so that we can safely implement it in our infrastructure.

      Our main tasks in this project were related to construction works, which included the creation of concrete foundations for power supply infrastructure equipment, devices and the construction of the site fencing.

Thank you, SKANSKA AB, for your cooperation in the realization of the power supply substation project.

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