Roof renovation in cooperation with Avesta Tak AB


        The tiled roof suitable for the northern climate is durable, long-lasting, quiet, visually attractive and does not require special maintenance, which is why it is so in demand in Sweden.

     In cooperation with Avesta Tak, Norhida employees laid rafters and changed the roofs of countless buildings in Avesta Sweden.

    Roofing is a job that requires precise planning, not only the choice of roofing is important, but also the choice of subfloor, which helps the building to remove moisture properly while protecting against rain and wind.

The tile tightens the roof structure well, which does not create a heavy load during wind or accumulation of heavy snow.

     From an aesthetic point of view, it should be noted that tile roofs are not only more attractive but can be easily applied to roof structures of different types and complexity.

 Thank you Avesta Tak AB for your cooperation.

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